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Wonder Girls (원더걸스) – Like this

Awesome video by the wonder Girls. Flash Mobs scare me though because they make me wonder if I forgot to take my meds.  South Koreans party like there’s no tomorrow! Why is that?



Oh yea, I forgot


That was a stupid question…


Flash & The Pan – Hey St Peter (1977)

More Flash and the Pan, really addictive.  I think I’ll add them to my mp3 listening device of choice…


Flash & the Pan – Walking in the Rain

Another highly unique band from Down-Under, Flash and the Pan was reintroduced to me by the guy who taught me everything I know about record engineering, Mark Rubel at Pogo Studios.   I find their sound hypnotic, this one reminds me a bit of Ken Nordine who also combined poetry and music…  This song was later covered by Grace Jones


Kimbra – “Come Into My Head” [Official Music Video]

Kimbra really is amazing! There’s something very unique and beautiful about her voice and I love her theatrical performances as well as the Jazz changes she uses in her songs.  There’s really no pop music like hers out there so I like to give her a lot of credit. Plus she’s really pretty too!


Mumford & Sons – The Cave

Mumford & Sons with scoots!  I’m all for any guitarist that can play drums while he’s singing as well.

The Sugar Prophets Finals

Look who I met while open staging in Champaign / Urbana!  Josh Spence and the Sugar Prophets!  Josh has the gift of a powerful voice which he uses for blues. It all started with the blues in the U.S. and simultaneously with Samba in South America.  Both types of music originate in the slave trade and can trace their roots to Africa.  I like to remind myself and other North Americans that “back beat” did not exclusively come from the U.S. as Central America and the U.S. had similar music revolutions simultaneously.   Josh reminds me that great wisdom is often hidden in humble and unexpected places as in the lyrics of a good blues song.


Double Drop @ Hootananny

Double drop is pulling off live dance music in London.   This really is the next step in the evolution of dance music.  The return of live musicians to dance music.  Where the DJ simply becomes part of the music as one of the musicians, rather than replacing them.  I’m trying to get this sort of thing going on in my home town with local Jazz Musicians with Urbana Sound Cloud.  The fact that Double Drop has already achieved it in trend setting London tells me that I’m definitely on the right path.

Amazing work and with a solid Vocalist no less!  By the way, these guys go great while looking through the beautiful photos on artreats  Put them on your iPod now!